GOODYEAR ‘Consumer Offer’

Purchase Goodyear tyres and get Gift cards up to Rs. 1,000*/-. This offer is valid on Goodyear tyre models of 12” and above tyre sizes, purchased in the multiple of two (2) as per the offer Terms & Conditions. Details below –

Gift Card Payout (INR)*
Rim Size 2 Tyres 4 Tyres
12” to 13” Rs. 150 Rs. 300
14” to 16” Rs. 250 Rs. 500
17” and above Rs. 500 Rs. 1000


Hurry! Offer valid from 14th January to 13th March 2019 or till stocks last.


1. “GOODYEAR – Consumer Offer” (“Offer”) is from Goodyear India Limited having registered office at Mathura Road, Ballabgarh (Dist. Faridabad) – 121004, Haryana, India and corporate office at 1st Floor, ABW Elegance Tower, Plot No. 8, Commercial Centre, Jasola, New Delhi – 110 025, India (“Goodyear”).

2. This Offer is applicable on every purchase of two (2) or more of Goodyear tyres of same specification from the selected size range, as specified in Clause 18 (“select tyres”). Any two different select tyres cannot be clubbed for the Offer.

3. The Offer is valid from 14th January 2019 to 13th March 2019 or till stocks last, whichever is earlier (‘Offer Period’). The offer validity dates are also available on the website –

4. Any consumer purchasing Selected Tyres in the multiples of two (2) shall be eligible to receive Gift cards.

i. For the purpose of clarification –

Gift Card Payout (INR)*
Rim Size 2 Tyres 4 Tyres
12” to 13″ Rs. 150 Rs. 300
14″ to 16″ Rs. 250 Rs. 500
17″ and above Rs. 500 Rs. 1000

ii.  It  is hereby clarified that the purchase shall be done at the same time and day. Multiple purchases done on different days shall not be clubbed together.

5. The gifts can be redeemed for the card value at Amazon, Flipkart, Book My Show & Big Bazaar, as per the Terms & conditions mentioned on the card. For Amazon, Flipkart & Book My Show, the purchases can be made online for the given value. For Big Bazaar, the voucher can be redeemed at all Big Bazaar/ Food Bazaar/ Fashion @ Big Bazaar (FBB) and EZONE stores anywhere in India.

6. This offer is applicable to all Goodyear Dealer/ Distributor (as an offer on consumer tyres mentioned in Clause 18).

7. Goodyear may at its sole discretion vary/amend/change the eligibility criteria, terms and conditions etc. for the Offer, without providing any reasons thereof.

8. Goodyear reserves the exclusive and unconditional right to withdraw/ suspend/ cancel this Offer without prior notice and without assigning any reasons thereof.

9. Goodyear’s Associates (employees), Channel Partners (i.e. Dealers, Distributors and Associate Dealers) are not eligible to participate in this Offer. Goodyear’s decision in this regard shall be final and binding on all.

10. Consumers can activate the card till 31st May 2019. After activation, consumers can make the purchase for a period of 1 year for Amazon, Flipkart & Big Bazaar; and for 6 month from activation date for Book My Show.

11. During this offer, maximum of two (2) cards can be activated through one (1) mobile number.

12. The Gift under this Offer is non-negotiable and non-transferable. No requests for cash benefits in lieu of the Gift shall be entertained.

13. This Offer is not applicable on any service returned (claimed) tyres.

14. Goodyear shall not be held responsible, liable for any dispute arising out of whatsoever related to this Offer.

15. Consumer escalations and disputes, if any, shall be subject to the laws of India and jurisdiction of Delhi/ New Delhi Courts only.

16. For more information visit: or please call us at 1800-266-6767 (Monday to Saturday) from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. or write to us at:

17. In consonance with Goodyear’s Privacy Policy (, Consumers consent that Goodyear may for the purpose of this Offer or otherwise collect, use, process or maintain or have access to Personal Identifiable Information i.e. any information or set of information, whether alone or in combination with other personal information gathered, processed, used or stored by Goodyear which is capable of identifying an individual (hereinafter referred to as “PII”). Consumers hereby also acknowledge that Goodyear may use and/ or provide PII as provided by the Consumers to the concerned third party(s) from time to time for the purpose of this Offer.

18. List of “Selected tyres” – Eligible SKUs

Pattern Type Size
GPS 2 Standard 145/70R12
GPS 2 Standard 145/80R12
Ducaro HM Standard 145/70R12
Ducaro HM Standard 145/80R12
Ducaro D1 Standard 145/80R12
GT3 Standard 155/80R13
GT3 Standard 175/70R13
GT3 Standard 155/65R13
GPS 2 Standard 155/70R13
GPS 2 Standard 145/70R13
Duraplus Standard 155/80R13
Duraplus Standard 175/70R13
Duraplus Standard 155/70R13
Duraplus Standard 155/65R13
Ducaro HM Standard 165/65R13
Ducaro HM Standard 145/70R13
Ducaro HM Standard 145/80R13
GT3 Standard 175/65R14
GT3 Standard 175/60R14
GT3 Standard 155/65R14
Eagle NCT5 Standard 185/60R14
Eagle F1 GSD3 Standard 185/65R14
Duraplus Standard 175/65R14
Duraplus Standard 165/80R14
Duraplus Standard 165/65R14
Duraplus Standard 185/70R14
Duraplus Standard 185/65R14
Duraplus Standard 175/70R14
DP Series Standard 175/65R14
DP Series Standard 165/65R14
DP Series Standard 165/70R14
Assurance Standard 175/65R14
Assurance Standard 185/70R14
Assurance AG+ Standard 175/65R14
Assurance AG+ Standard 195/70R14
Efficient Grip SUV Standard 165/70R14
Assurance TripleMax Standard 175/65R14
Assurance TripleMax Standard 185/70R14
Assurance TripleMax Standard 185/65R14
Assurance TripleMax Standard 195/60R14
Assurance TripleMax Standard 175/70R14
Assurance TripleMax Standard 165/70R14
Assurance AG2 Standard 185/70R14
Assurance Duraplus Standard 175/65R14
Assurance Duraplus Standard 165/80R14
Assurance Duraplus Standard 165/65R14
Assurance Duraplus Standard 185/70R14
Assurance Duraplus Standard 185/65R14
ASSURANCE TRIPLEMAX 2 Standard 175/65R14
ASSURANCE TRIPLEMAX 2 Standard 185/70R14
ASSURANCE TRIPLEMAX 2 Standard 185/65R14
ASSURANCE TRIPLEMAX 2 Standard 175/70R14
GT3 Standard 195/60R15
GT3 Standard 205/65R15
GT3 Standard 175/65R15
Eagle NCT5 Standard 195/55R15
Eagle F1 GSD3 Standard 195/65R15
Eagle F1 GSD3 Standard 195/60R15
Eagle F1 GSD3 Standard 195/55ZR1
Wrangler RTS Standard 215/75R15
Wrangler RTS Standard 235/75R15
Duraplus Standard 195/60R15
Duraplus Standard 205/65R15
Duraplus Standard 185/65R15
Duraplus Standard 175/65R15
DP Series Standard 185/60R15
Assurance Standard 195/65R15
Assurance Standard 205/65R15
Assurance Standard 175/60R15
Assurance TripleMax Standard 195/65R15
Assurance TripleMax Standard 195/60R15
Assurance TripleMax Standard 205/65R15
Assurance TripleMax Standard 185/65R15
Assurance TripleMax Standard 185/60R15
Assurance TripleMax Standard 175/65R15
Assurance TripleMax Standard 175/60R15
Assurance AG2 Standard 175/65R15
Wrangler ATSA Standard 215/75R15
Wrangler ATSA Standard 235/75R15
Assurance Duraplus Standard 205/65R15
Assurance Duraplus Standard 175/65R15
Cargo Marathon 2 Standard 215/70R15
ASSURANCE TRIPLEMAX 2 Standard 195/65R15
ASSURANCE TRIPLEMAX 2 Standard 195/60R15
ASSURANCE TRIPLEMAX 2 Standard 185/60R15
ASSURANCE TRIPLEMAX 2 Standard 175/65R15
Pattern Type Size
Eagle NCT5 Standard 205/55R16
Eagle NCT5 Standard 225/55R16
Eagle F1 GSD3 Standard 205/55R16
Excellence Standard 215/60R16
Efficient Grip ROF ROF 205/55R16
Assurance Standard 205/60R16
Assurance AG+ Standard 205/55R16
Efficient Grip SUV Standard 215/65R16
Efficient Grip Standard 225/55R16
Efficient Grip Standard 215/65R16
Assurance TripleMax Standard 205/55R16
Assurance TripleMax Standard 215/60R16
Assurance TripleMax Standard 205/65R16
Assurance TripleMax Standard 195/55R16
Assurance TripleMax Standard 195/60R16
Assurance TripleMax Standard 185/60R16
Assurance TripleMax Standard 185/55R16
Wrangler ATSA Standard 245/70R16
Wrangler ATSA Standard 215/65R16
Wrangler ATSA Standard 235/70R16
Wrangler D Sport Standard 205R16
Wrangler HP AW Standard 215/65R16
Wrangler HP AW Standard 235/70R16
Wrangler HP AW Standard 215/70R16
ASSURANCE TRIPLEMAX 2 Standard 205/55R16
ASSURANCE TRIPLEMAX 2 Standard 185/55R16
Wrangler Triplemax Standard 235/70R16
EAGLE TOURING Standard 205/65R16
Eagle NCT5 ROF ROF 225/50R17
Eagle NCT5 ROF ROF 245/45R17
Excellence ROF ROF 225/45R17
Excellence ROF ROF 225/55R17
Excellence Standard 225/50R17
Excellence Standard 245/45R17
Excellence Standard 235/65R17
Efficient Grip SUV Standard 235/65R17
Efficient Grip SUV Standard 265/65R17
Efficient Grip Standard 245/45R17
Efficient Grip Standard 225/55R17
Efficient Grip Standard 225/65R17
EAGLE F1 DIRECTIONAL 5 Standard 225/45R17
Assurance TripleMax Standard 215/60R17
Eagle RS Standard 225/50R17
Eagle RS Standard 235/55R17
Wrangler ATSA Standard 235/65R17
Wrangler ATSA Standard 265/65R17
Wrangler HP AW Standard 235/65R17
Wrangler HP AW Standard 225/65R17
Wrangler Triplemax Standard 235/65R17
Excellence FP Standard 225/50R17
Eagle NCT5 ROF ROF 245/40R18
Excellence Standard 235/60R18
Efficient Grip ROF ROF 245/50R18
Efficient Grip ROF ROF 225/45R18
Efficient Grip SUV Standard 265/60R18
Efficient Grip SUV Standard 235/50R18
Efficient Grip Standard 235/55R18
EAGLE F1 DIRECTIONAL 5 Standard 255/55R18
EAGLE F1 DIRECTIONAL 5 Standard 245/45R18
EAGLE F1 ASY SUV Standard 255/55R18
EAGLE LS-2 Standard 225/60R18
Excellence ROF ROF 275/35R19
Excellence ROF ROF 275/40R19
Efficient Grip ROF ROF 255/50R19
Efficient Grip ROF ROF 275/40R19
Efficient Grip ROF ROF 245/45R19
Efficient Grip SUV Standard 255/50R19
Wrangler F1 Standard 255/50R19
EAGLE F1 ASY SUV Standard 255/50R19
EAGLE F1 ASY SUV Standard 265/50R19
Wrangler HP AW Standard 255/55R19
Efficient Grip ROF ROF 285/40R20
EAGLE F1 DIRECTIONAL 5 Standard 275/45R20
Eagle NCT5 Standard 255/50R21
Eagle NCT5 ROF Standard 285/45R21