Goodyear smart connected tires can effectively reduce braking distance

Goodyear smart connected tires can effectively reduce braking distance

Akron, Ohio, USA, February 24, 2020-Goodyear Tire & Rubber Corporation and its customers have collected and analyzed data on road tests and field tests of smart connected tires that have accumulated 3 million miles. Intelligent connected tires with built-in sensors can “talk” with vehicles and highways, and also measure tire characteristics, helping to improve vehicle performance and safety.


In fact, preliminary research proves that Goodyear’s new and old smart networked tires can achieve braking distance reductions of up to 30%. With the advent of the era of electric vehicles and autonomous vehicles, the importance of intelligent connected tires is bound to increase day by day. The impact of intelligent networked tires on braking distance and the ability to communicate with vehicles will become increasingly significant.

Goodyear’s Intelligent Connected Tire System continuously measures and records tire-related information that can be paired with other vehicle data and connected to Goodyear’s proprietary cloud-based algorithms.



Smart tires can measure tire wear, load, inflation pressure and temperature, and road conditions in real time, helping vehicles make corresponding adjustments based on these measurements to optimize their performance.

Goodyear Chief Technology Officer Chris Helsel said: “Imagine that in cold weather, when driving on smooth and winding roads, the driver will slow down, brake or avoid turning suddenly to adapt to road conditions. But What if it is a driverless car? The tire is the only part of the car that is in contact with the ground. It can transmit important information to the vehicle, thereby improving safety and vehicle performance. “

Goodyear’s smart connected tires are not yet available to consumers, but the company is working with car manufacturers and start-ups to continue extensive smart connected tire testing and develop customized products and solutions to ultimately provide consumers with more Safe driving experience.

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