Hit the road with the right shoes

New Delhi, 26 February, 2015 – Even Juventus and Italian World Cup-winning football great Andrea Pirlo struggles to play well if he is wearing the wrong footwear. That’s how important appropriate shoes are in maximizing elite performance. And just like champions on the football field, the right “shoes” are also of critical importance to the performance of a car on the road.

Goodyear has released a video featuring Juventus football stars Pirlo, Evra, Morata, and Pereyra to help convey the importance of selecting the right tyres. It shows that regardless of who is playing the game; unless they are equipped with all the correct equipment, they will not get the desired results.

“Many athletes depend on their shoes for grip and performance, and getting the right fit of tyre is similarly important for the handling and performance of a vehicle,” said P.K.Walia, VP of Consumer tyres for Goodyear India.
The only part of a vehicle that touches the road are its tyres, so choosing a tyre is not so different from choosing a shoe.

“Just like the way people select the right shoes for other occasions; be it running, trekking, a night out, or even professionals on the football field, they should also consider what the right tyres are for their vehicle and driving requirements to help provide a smoother, more comfortable and a safer experience,” Walia added.

Like high performance sportswear used by elite athletes, Goodyear tyres are built to deliver a number of performance advantages for drivers, such as increased safety through shorter braking distances, improved fuel efficiency through Fuel Saving Technology, and enhanced all- terrain capability through specifically designed SUV tyres, amongst other benefits.

Goodyear’s “hit the road with the right shoes” featuring the Juventus football stars can viewed on the Goodyear India YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Exgi2Ul5gQs&feature=youtu.be